Tixel in the News – Neck Rejuvenation

    The Daily Mail reports on 55-year-old former Vogue Editor-at-Large Fiona Golfar’s astonishing transformation from self-described  ‘crepey, papery, scraggy-neckedness’ to a ‘tightened’ and ‘plumped’ neck and ‘fresher version of me.’ Not everyone can afford the time or money (an eye-watering £13k) that Ms Golfar’s surgery and treatments amounted to in total. And expensive surgery.

Tixel is coming soon!

The Minster Clinic is proud to be the first clinic to bring Tixel to York! Introducing Tixel, a revolutionary treatment using thermo-mechanical ablation for the rejuvenation of ageing skin. Tixel is great for the reduction of static lines and wrinkles, the treatment of acne scars, uneven pigmentation and the improvement of skin quality and texture..