Is Tixel safe?

Tixel has been proven to have a very good safety profile - the effects of Tixel have been extensively studied histologically on pig's skin.
The temperature that Tixel operates at also means that the device is auto-sterilised, which makes it very safe to use from patient to patient as infectious diseases cannot be passed on from one person to another.
Tixel is also safe to use on all Fitzpatrick skin types as the risk from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is minimal.

What are the after effects?

The effects are dependant on the amount of energy transmitted during treatment, and the time which the pins are in contact with the skin for.
In the majority of cases, expect some redness, a feeling of heat and tingling for a few hours post-treatment which will subside.
Swelling can also occur, especially with higher settings and or treatments near the eye area. In these cases, redness and swelling may persist for a few days.

Minor crusting may appear after a few days which should be allowed to fall off naturally over the course of a week. You should not touch, pick, scrub or scratch the area as this could cause both infection and scarring from disturbance of the tiny scabs. You may wear make-up over the crusting approximately two days after treatment, but if you can avoid doing so, you are recommended to do this as it will improve your healing.

There should be no excessive crusting, flaking, bruising, blistering, nor bleeding with this treatment.

We recommend an aftercare package to be used on the skin which can be purchased on the day of treatment to ensure optimal healing and results.

What can Tixel be used for?

Tixel can be used to treat static lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin with uneven pigmentation, and acne scarred skin to improve texture.
Tixel is also used for improving the overall quality and texture of skin, and is effective at treating crepey skin, particularly around the eyes, neck and chest.
Tixel opens channels in the skin which allows the use of potent transdermal medications such as antioxidants and hydroquinones to improve the overall health and quality of the skin, and to treat uneven pigmentation issues.

How many sessions are required?

In many cases, visible improvement is seen after one treatment. However, between 3-5 treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results, with once yearly maintenance treatment recommended to maintain skin quality.

How much does it cost?

The costs of Tixel for ablative and open channel mesotherapy treatments are the same.

For a comprehensive list of our prices, please look at our Tixel Price List below

Tixel price guide *

AreaCost per session for single sessions
Full face *£500
Periorbital, perioral, cheeks or décolletage *£300
Upper lid lift£180
Lower lid lift£180
Crows feet£180

* A 30% discount is applied to every third treatment