What is a Cyst/Lipoma?

A cyst is a sac of material- typically shed skin cells, which lies within the top layers of skin.

A lipoma is a benign growth of mature fat cells. In the face, it often occurs in the forehead, and is commonly mistaken for a cyst. Lipomas are harmless, but like cysts, may be unsightly.

How are cysts/ lipomas removed?

Cysts and lipomas are removed by surgical excision. Sometimes a small communication or tract exists, leading from the cyst to the skin surface. This tract must be removed along with the whole cyst to reduce the risk of recurrence.
Lipomas in the forehead lie beneath the broad sheet of muscle that allows us to raise our eyebrows. Removal requires dissecting to the level beneath this muscle. Once removed, the wound is closed with stitches and supported with tape dressings.

How long will the procedure take?

Most cysts and lipomas take about 30-45 minutes to remove from start to finish.

What should I expect in the healing period?

The skin is closed using stitches, and supporting tape dressings will be applied. The stitches are removed about 5-7 days following surgery. It takes a few days for the skin edges to start to knit together and about 10-14 days to fully heal. The repair will take a few weeks to strengthen.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic and is totally painless. However, there is a slight discomfort associated with the injection of the anaesthetic. This is minimised by the use of distraction techniques and fine needles. Once the anaesthetic wears off, most patients do not require any pain medication as the level of discomfort is very low.

How much does it cost?

All Cyst and Lipoma excision costs are clearly listed on our website. Any necessary post-operative follow-up is provided at no additional cost.

Cyst / lipomas removal price list *

Number of cysts/lipomasExcision of non-facial or head and neck and non-recurrent cysts/lipomas under 2 cm in diameter. Prices from:Excision of larger cysts/lipomas between 2-3cm in diameter or Facial or head and neck/recurrent cysts/lipomas under 1.5cm in diameter. Prices from:Excision of cysts/lipomas over 3cm in diameter or Facial or head and neck/recurrent cysts/lipomas over 1.5cm in diameter. Prices from:
Histology if needed£80£80£80

* Prices are for cysts/lipomas removed at the same appointment. Note that size is determined on examination and takes into account the size of excision required, and depth of the lesion and other clinical factors. This is intended to be a guide only. Different anatomical sites may be priced differently.