What are skin tags

Skin tags are overgrowths of skin which, in the upper body, commonly occur in the eyelids, neck, armpit or under the breast areas. They can be skin coloured or pigmented. They generally cause no symptoms, but can be unsightly if over a certain size and may catch or rub on clothing. Skin tags may be present due to a genetic predisposition, or may occur as a result of longstanding low-grade friction, caused for example by skin or clothing rubbing on skin.
Anal skin tags may develop after swelling of the blood vessels around the anal region, or as a result of an anal fissure. Both of these are usually relate to straining or constipation. A skin tag must not be confused with prolapsing piles (haemorrhoids).

How are skin tags removed?

Skin tags can be removed in a variety of ways, such as cryotherapy, cautery or surgery. Here at the Minster Clinic, the base of each skin tag is numbed with a small injection of anaesthetic, and the skin tag is simply removed with a combination of cautery and/or surgery. Multiple skin tags can be removed in one sitting.
We favour the use of contact laser surgery to remove anal skin tags as these can be quite large with an increased risk of bleeding from surgery.

Will it hurt?

There can be occasional slight discomfort from the anaesthetic, but the procedure is totally painless.

What happens after skin tags are removed?

Once the skin tags are removed, any spot bleeding is stopped. The wounds are cleaned and left open to heal over the next few days. The main thing is to clean the skin daily to reduce the risk of infection.

Will skin tags grow back?

Skin tags can reoccur in the same areas if the original stimulus of rubbing is still present. The original skin tag itself does not grow back, but new ones can form in its place if there is ongoing low-grade mechanical trauma to the area.

How much does it cost?

All skin tag removal prices are clearly listed on the website.

Skin Tag Removal price guide *

Number of skin tagsExcision
20 or moreFrom £400
Medium sized skin tags requiring shave excision£300
Large skin tags requiring formal excision and wound closureFrom £330
Anal/Genital skin tagsFrom £485 per anal skin tag
Histology if needed£80

* Prices are for skin tags removed at the same appointment