What is laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery, and how does it differ from traditional surgery?

Laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes laser technology to ablate the affected tissue in pilonidal sinus disease. Unlike traditional surgery, which involves excising the sinus and surrounding tissue, laser surgery uses focused laser energy to vaporize the sinus and infected tissue. This approach is less invasive, leading to reduced pain, shorter recovery times, and improved cosmetic outcomes.

Is laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery suitable for all patients with this condition?

Laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery is generally suitable for patients with uncomplicated pilonidal sinus disease. However, its applicability depends on the specific characteristics of the sinus and the patient's overall health. Mr Sridhar will assess your condition and medical history to determine the most appropriate treatment approach, which could include laser surgery or other methods.

What are the benefits of laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery?

The benefits of laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery include reduced post-operative pain, quicker recovery, minimal scarring, and a lower risk of infection and recurrence.

What is the recovery process like after laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery?

Recovery after laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery is generally faster and less painful than traditional surgery. Patients can typically resume normal activities sooner, although the exact recovery time varies based on the individual and the extent of the procedure. There will be some drainage from the healing sinus tract which eventually dries up after 3-4 weeks. Mr Sridhar will provide specific post-operative instructions, including wound care and activity restrictions, to facilitate a smooth recovery process.

Are there any risks or complications associated with laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery?

While laser-assisted pilonidal sinus surgery is considered safe and effective, like any medical procedure, it carries some risks. Potential complications may include infection, bleeding, or a reaction to anaesthesia. However, these risks are relatively low, and we will take necessary precautions to minimize them.

Laser-assisted Pilonidal Sinus Surgery price guide *

ProcedurePrice guide
Consultation with Ultrasound scan of pilonidal sinus£195
Laser Assisted Pilonidal Cyst SurgeryFrom £2000-£2500
Post-surgical 8 week follow-upIncluded
Further revision procedure if required£500

* Costs are determined following assessment of clinical photographs and/or clinical examination. We will endeavour to give you a good idea of costs prior to any appointment