What is it and how does it work?

The Déesse Pro phototherapy face mask uses pioneering LED technology to produce light of specific wavelengths. These wavelengths are preferentially absorbed by and interact with skin cell components to reduce inflammation, improve cell metabolism and function and to promote healing. This form of treatment is known as LLLT (low level light therapy, or photobiomodulation).Specifically in the skin, LLLT increases collagen production, reduces uneven pigmentation and reduces inflammation and infection. LLLT therefore has beneficial effects on wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and healing of burns, and is beneficial in reducing the effects of photo ageing.

There are 770 LED bulbs capable of producing 4 different wavelengths which work across 6 treatment modes so that treatment can be tailored to specific concerns:

Anti-ageing - Red light (630nm)
Purifying - Blue light (415nm)
Brightening - Green light (520nm)
Post injectable proceedure - Near infrared light (830nm) + Red light (630nm)+ Blue light(415nm)
Calming - Green light (520nm) + Blue light (415nm)
Anti-ageing express- Red light (630nm)

How is the treatment done?

The treatment is performed with the patient lying comfortably on the treatment couch. Following a thorough deep cleanse of the facial skin, the Déesse Pro phototherapy face masks applied and gently secured with velcro straps. The mask is then activated using the treatment mode most appropriate to the issue that requires addressing. The patient can relax and listen to music while the light works its magic! Each treatment takes about 30-40 minutes to complete.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is totally painless. There will be some warmth associated with light therapy, but no discomfort or pain.

Can the treatment be used in combination with other treatments?

Yes, the Déesse Pro phototherapy face mask can and is often used with other treatments such as Fire and Ice, HydraFacial, Tixel and anti-ageing injectable treatments.

Is the treatment safe?

LLLT is totally safe with no side effects. There is no downtime associated with the treatment

How much does it cost?

A stand-alone treatment with the Déesse Pro costs £40.
An LED treatment purchased as an add-on to another treatment (such as following anti-ageing injections, Fire and Ice or Tixel treatments) costs £25.

Déesse Pro phototherapy price guide

Déesse Pro LED phototehrapyCost
add-on treatment (on-the-day)£25