Would you eat in a restaurant that had no food hygiene rating or was rated zero? Probably not. And yet some people happily walk into a salon and let untrained people inject often toxic materials into their face because the price is so low! This shocking fact is outlined on tonight’s BBC 1 Watchdog Live (Wednesday 20thNovember) at 8pm.


Black market filler and with unknown ingredients are just one of the horrors outlined in the programme. This has led to the organisation Save Face receiving 934 complaints last year, three times more than the previous year, with 83% of the procedures complained about being carried out by non-medics.


The snail pace rate of regulation despite recommendations from Sir Bruce Keogh’s 2013 review (Medical Director for the NHS) means that fillers are available freely online so anyone can administer them. Anti-wrinkle injections, while prescription only, can then be delegated to non-medics, many of whom are untrained. Often unqualified injectors do not keep any records of their so-called bargain procedures so there is no recourse when problems inevitably occur. No register of any kind exists despite estimates that 100,000 such procedures are carried out in the U.K. each year.


At The Minster Clinic only highly qualified doctors provide wrinkle-softening and dermal filler treatments. We feel that aesthetic treatments are still medical procedures with potentially serious risks and should not be trivialised. Patient safety is paramount. Our aesthetic philosophy is for a natural result, which is believable. Make an appointment today and rest easy that you are in good and safe hands.